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Having the Kavi service has significantly facilitated my online work, adding a touch of professionalism. I love the personalized and attentive customer service they provide. The entire process of conducting online classes, registering new students, and communicating with them has been streamlined in a very simple way. All my clients appreciate how user-friendly the platform is. I am absolutely delighted!

Ale Laserna - Pilates Instructor

Kavi is a highly intuitive, easy, and fast platform that has helped me create an online school through live scheduling and structuring a virtual session library. I am very satisfied with choosing Kavi for the digitization of my business.

Andrea Sais - Yoga Instructor

 I am very happy and grateful for the Kavi platform. Their services and highly personalized attention make my work easier and enhance the performance of my business. Thank you very much, Kavi team!

Anna Bertran - Coach

Since I joined KAVI, my happiness has reached new heights. I now engage in the activities I used to do as an instructor at the gym but as my own boss, managing and performing tasks that I enjoy. Moreover, I generate significantly higher income, all of which naturally belongs to me. As for the KAVI team, they are wonderful—attentive in every aspect, assisting with any administrative or technical issue. They are not only professionals but also incredible individuals with a strong work ethic! I am immensely delighted to be a part of this platform and community. I extend heartfelt gratitude, as always, to the management of KAVI and their unwavering support. My life has changed for the MUCH BETTER, thanks to this new platform 

Vanessa Navas - Fitness Coach

I run an online yoga school. Thanks to the Kavi platform, I have been able to give visibility and access to many more people in an easy and simple way, allowing them to enjoy my school. The best part has been seeing how all those tedious processes in the school's backlog, especially the administrative tasks and subscriptions, have become automated. I no longer have to dedicate even one minute because everything is done automatically. From the moment they enroll and become part of the school, with direct access, a library, subscription renewal—absolutely everything is automated. For me, this is liberating as I have regained my time and energy to dedicate to what I am truly passionate about: creating classes and content to keep growing my school. Thank you so much for making our lives easier! 

Mery Caro - Yoga Instructor

I've recently opened an account with the Kavi platform and am absolutely excited about the possibilities it holds for the future. My favorite part is the ability to quickly and easily share my classes online, seamlessly integrating with my face-to-face work

Beatriz - Pilates Instructor
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